Danfo Kitchen is a total solutions provider to the modern street food industry. A professional, specialized and experienced company who proudly offers startups, entrepreneurs, and current business owners the opportunity to tap into the big market share of the mobile food industry with affordable daily, weekly or monthly payments. We We offer a fleet of newly built food trucks and also develop, manage and operate a portfolio of ready-to-license food truck concepts.

We are devoted and fully committed to being your one stop fabrication company for all your food truck needs. Our Food Trucks and Food Trailers have been built to your desired needs with the utmost quality. We stand behind our work with guaranteed workmanship.

Our process is fairly simple and direct but should you need any help, you can always contact us directly and our knowledgeable and friendly sales team will help guide you throughout the whole process.



Food truck rentals available allover the United States.


Custom food truck built to satisfy your requirements.


General Repairs, Specialist Repairs & Part Replacement

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Angela S.

Angela S.

Highly recommend this place to everyone looking to open a mobile food unit. All of our expectations were met. Our food trailer looks great, and we're very satisfied.
Samuel K.

Samuel K.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Danfo Kitchen. I can sincerely say after speaking with a number of food truck rentals that they are they most reasonable and pleasant to work with.
Donatus O.

Donatus O.

We highly recommend this place for anyone wanting to start a food truck business. They are very friendly, easy to work with and will make this decision in your life so easy!
Olayemi F.

Olayemi F.

After much research, I came upon Danfo Kitchen. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure. Not only are they excellent communicators, they also respond on a timely manner.